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SDN is 10! Your support matters as we enter our second decade of telling truth.

For 10 years, SDN has been reaching out to documentary photographers from around the world to tell stories and show images that are not seen elsewhere—images of real people experiencing the real joys and struggles of daily life. Stories that matter.

We started out as a website in 2008 and, in 2015, began publishing ZEKE magazine twice a year allowing us to present visual stories in a print form with greater in-depth writing about the issues presented.

Some of the stories we have presented on SDN and in ZEKE include the migration and refugee crisis, the war in Syria, women in the workplace, climate change and global warming, maternal health in Africa and Haiti, and Life in Vietnam today,

Since 2008, we have presented more than 3,000 exhibits on the SDN website by more than 2,000 photographers from all corners of the globe!

ZEKE and SDN are very fortunate to continue our relationship with our nonprofit fiscal sponsor, Talking Eyes Media, that accepts tax-deductible contributions on our behalf. They do this because your support of SDN and ZEKE furthers their charitable mission of using media to educate people about important issues. Your support of SDN/ZEKE through Talking Eyes Media is 100% tax-deductible.


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Donors to SDN's Tenth Anniversary Campaign

ZEKE magazine and SDN would like to thank the following donors to our Tenth Anniversary Campaign. Support from private individuals is essential for ZEKE and SDN to continue publishing. If you would like to support the campaign, please visit www.socialdocumentary.net/cms/support-us

Founding Sponsor
Roree Iris-Williams

Marietta Pathy Allen
Judy and Bob Ayotte
Edward Boches
Rudi Dundas
Martha Kongsgaard and Peter Goldman
Susan Mazer
Jamey Stillings Photography, Inc.

Julien Ayotte
Michael Sellberg
Robert I. Usdan and Amy Yenkin

Joan Lobis Brown
Susan Eggenberger
Connie Frisbee Houde
Morrie Gasser
Vivien Goldman
Michael Hyatt
Michael Kane
Mary Ellen Keough
John Parisi
Bruce Rosen
Bob and Janet Walerstein Winston

Anonymous Donors
Liane Brandon
Florence Gallez
Robert Hansen
Rusty Leffell
Andrea Zocchi
Michele Zousmer