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Salahuddin Ahmed | Dhaka, Bangladesh

Selim, aged 15yrs, sitting in a sewerage boarder to clean the flow of the waste
water along with toxic beside the Buriganga river at Hazaribagh.

Hazaribagh is a place where I have passed my childhood. The smell and the rusty Iron Gate and window are the famous scenario of Hazaribagh. I used to be amazed how a person works, at the same time he sit somewhere and drink tea and smoke. Still I can find the same color inside and outside the tannery, though these colors are deadly.
Hazaribag, once a semi-agrarian community, is now a “wasteland of toxic swamps, garbage landfills. It is very tough to control vomiting when passing across these tannery areas of the people who don’t stay there.
Workers suffer from severe health problems due to exposure to different hazardous chemicals while processing and treating while tanning animal hides. Tannery pits hold hide and contains many of the chemicals to treat hides.
I know about some child worker works in tannery. They do not know about the chemical they are using in their work place.
This is continuous life taking circle. No one realize how slowly but surely tannery and the toxic taking our precious life.

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