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The Women’s March: History Documented Through the Lens of a Teenage Boy

Tristan Pinto | United States

Image Title: 800AM - Streaming into Place

I awoke early that morning to the happy hubbub of thousands of women, along with a sprinkling of men, streaming past the tidy townhouses in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill. Showing off their inventive signs and smiling at me as they surged forward, the parade of marchers went on for hours.

Hope, warmth, and kindness. Much has been written about the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. on January 21, but as a teenage boy, my perspective may be unique. The protesters were single-minded in their determination, but never lost sight of their humanity. People smiled and embraced each other, good-naturedly enduring claustrophobic crowds, and warmly supporting D.C.’s finest. My aim was to document the life-force of the day from start to finish, capturing the individuality of each person and their motivations for marching through the striking creativity and diversity of their messages. 


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