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Rainbow and earth

Aruna Sharma | United States

Lonely Buck

As I was driving back from a spiritual gathering at my friend's home, I saw a lonely buck standing in the grassland at the side of a road. I could not stop thinking about our spiritual connection in this world. It seems to me that this lonely buck is figuring out his life as I have been and I wonder if he knows his life is as good as it gets in America. Safe, peaceful and surrounded by compassionate people. Or, is it not ?

I think of world affairs, issues and people. I think of my life and challenges. I know it is not perfect but this lonely buck has given me more understanding of doing the best you can, being the way you are and simply observe to enjoy now. I wonder if there will be a time when everybody come together for peace and only peace away from greed and fear. If there will be a sense of trust and safety for innocent. Let us hope, there will be one and it will be sooner than later. Enjoy the moment, everyone !


Rainbow in horizon.

Seeking reality is a true spirituality.  To see reality, we need to search within ourselves and in what we are surrounded by.  It is my desire to seek my truth and share.

Judgements will be made but some will be hurtful and others helpful.  My job is to not react to it as much as humanly possible.  Good or bad, helpful or hurtful, I will respect them, treasure them and learn from them.

I will share them with the hope that you will find your spirituality within yourselves.  May kindness prevail in this world.  May we attain peace in our lifetime.


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