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Hadama - Shabiya 12

Alberto Mesirca | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Hadama (هدم), to demolish, is what is written on the walls of the houses of Shabiya 12, a neighborhood at the periphery of Abu Dhabi home to migrant building workers from the Indian subcontinent who came attracted by the work opportunities.

Here wealth and poverty brush without intersecting, at just half an hour drive from the Emirates Palace, the 7 stars gold cladded palace-hotel.

Shabiya is the unwilling victim of the idea of a modern city: glittering, optimistic, defiant.

But if the area is deemed to a better future, the future of the people who lived there is far more uncertain.

It is a disturbing feeling, while seeing kids playing and families congregating under the hadama sign marking the fate of their home, wondering what their destiny will be.

And it is equally disturbing to know that the dilapidated homes you pass by will soon be no more and that only the memories of the inhabitants will keep them alive.

This work would like to be a testimony to these people that anonymously built the city that eventually evicted them.

Alberto Mesirca (b. 1964) is a Self-taught photographer, he discovered photography when he was a teen but he started practising it at and advanced amateur level for 4 years now.

He approaches his subjects in two ways. One is from a geometrical and rational perspective, possibly trying to find the abstract in reality and attempting to rationalize it. The other is from a sociological perspective, investigating the social, economical and historical context of also minimal aspects of reality that, like in a fractal, represent the whole.

He believes that these processes inevitably lead to a more intimate knowledge and appreciation of the reality before him.

He grew up in Rome (Italy) and after having obtained a Master in Telecommunications Engineering he lived and worked in different countries (Hong Kong, Argentina, USA, Belgium, United Arab Emirates) following his wife on postings abroad.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

You can visit the Artist website at www.albertomesircaphoto.com and contact him at a_mesirca@hotmail.com

Alberto Mesirca

3065 Danalda Drive

Los Angeles, CA, 90064


e-mail: a_mesirca@hotmail.com

tel: +1-323-504-0927

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