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Children of God

Aleksandra Dynas | Uganda

Street children in the Kisenyi Slum in Kampala. It's 8am and after cold night they try to warm themselves up with the fire made of burning trashes.

Just in Kampala, Uganda, there are more than 10 000 children living on the streets. To get money for food, they work in the building's demolition, unloading trucks or helping to sell food. Youngest children work collecting plastic bottles or metal scrap. Street children often lack access to clean water, food, medical attention, shelter, education and protection. They are exposed to the all forms of explotation and abuse. Many children are exposed to violence, rape, beatings, drugs, being robbed or being arrested.

The Ugandan government has adopted domestic child protection legislation like The Children Act and laws prohibiting child labor. They created multiple programs and policies to help street children, but failed to meet obligations to protect children on the street from the abuse. The main aim of the government is to resettle and rehabilitate street children without addressing the factors that sent children to the street. The process will be long and maybe uncomfortable but children who have already suffered too much are too important to be cast aside simply because the solutions require hard work.

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