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Euromaidan Kiev

Arthur Bondar | Ukraine

Protester covered by the national Ukrainian flag sits close to the fireplace in Grushevskogo Street in Kiev. 28.01.2014

Ukraine was always in a difficult economic and political situation and it didn't matter to the leaders. Politicians always care about themselves but not the people who live in this country. The level of corruption and crime increased especially in the last few years. At that time protests became higher every year. On November 21, 2013 a huge wave of people’s demonstrations and protests began. During the last three month people were struggling for their own rights in their own country. After the 18-20 of February when snipers and police killed almost 100 people the president of the country fled to Russia. The opposition formed a new government and new election will be on the 25th of May this year. But it seems to me that even the leaders of revolution lost the control of what is happening in Ukraine. People are also disappointed in their leaders but still believe in peaceful future of Ukraine.

Arthur Bondar

Arthur Bondar was born in the metallurgical city of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine in 1983. He moved to Kiev in 2000 where he entered the National Linguistic University and received a degree in English philology. He has changed his career numerous times before settling on photography. He now lives in Moscow.

Bondar is a freelancer and shoots his own documentary projects. He studied photography in New York University and was a participant of the Eddie Adams Workshop and NOOR-Nikon Masterclass. Arthur was awarded and granted with Magnum Emergency Fund, The Documentary Project Fund, National Geographic Grant and the Best Photographer of the Year in Ukraine. His works were exhibited and shown in Canada, USA, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine.

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