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Farmers (Made in Vietnam)

Astrid Schulz | Viet Nam

Dieu is bringing her bananas from the back garden to the local market

This exhibition is showing small-scale farmers and micro food production households in rural areas in and around the city of Hue, Central Vietnam. Almost all of these people produce food from their homes and gardens, to be sold in the street, at markets. The micro businesses are affected by bad weather such as floods and typhoons several times per year, but their spirit is still unbroken and their efforts are vital for their local communities.

The images were created during a 2month artist residency by the New Space Art Foundation in Hue, Vietnam.

My aim was to honor the countless people who contribute to daily food production with their bare hands, just like our ancestors, and also to give them a voice, as they see very little financial reward in return. In the western world, we seem to have lost touch with the origin and the real value of food. I would like to tell the story of food to those who live in cities and have very little contact to the country side, including the younger generation.

Furthermore I would like to support the objectives of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), which launched the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF-2014). It promotes the recognization of the importance of family farming in reducing poverty and improving global food security and encourages changes that will make family farming a more secure, profitable and attractive livelihood.


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