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Last Transfer: The Soul of Syracuse

Bob Gates | NY, United States


Where is the soul of a city? In its churches and schools? Among its artists and musicians? At the mall? I believe that the soul of Syracuse, NY is hiding in plain sight at the corner of Fayette and South Salina Streets. The trolley cars and large department stores are long gone, but the bus stops and covered bus shelters continue to vibrate with intense human activity as thousands of people transfer from one bus to another, shop or go to work, meet friends or conduct business (not all of it strictly legal). This intersection, the only vibrant remnant of a once-bustling main street, will soon be changed forever when a new off-street bus transfer station is completed four blocks further south. Though this will benefit many bus patrons, it will hasten the gentrification of the city center and eliminate something vital and important. “Last Transfer” is a long-term documentary photography project to record the faces of the people who visit the bus transfer station every day.



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