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Roma Coppersmiths of Brateiu

Caterina Clerici | Romania

The 'Kalderash' clan, the second largest subgroup among the Roma population, is known for its coppersmiths, who have been tinkering for almost five centuries.

The Kalderash clan are coppersmiths who have been tinkering for almost five centuries, and make up the second largest sub-group among the Roma population.

Although most academics and experts of Roma culture, as well as the Roma themselves, tend to disagree on and, in fact, counter any single definition of the Roma as a society, it is fair to say they are a disparate ethnic group made of various clans and tribes rooted in professional trade.

While for some though, like the Kalderash, these professions have not only survived over time but are thriving, for others, such as the bear trainers, their trades have disappeard  - and often, with them, their Roma identity.

This project documents the passing on of the traditional art and craft of copper pot making from father to son, and the life of a few families from Brateiu, a rural village in Transylvania, Romania.





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