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Photographer: Claudia Wiens
Title: Bread riots and growing informal areas in Cairo
Location: Egypt

EGYPT, CAIRO: More and more people live in so called informal areas, that are in reality slums with often unhygienic and dangerous circumstances. This is Manshiet Nasser, where approximately 800.000 people live in tiny houses, where a massive rockslide took place in September 2008 and killed around 100 people and injured even more and made dozens of families homeless. Local people say they believe there are many more victims trapped or missing than suggested by the official government estimates. Another rockslide could happen any moment and kill again many poor people but no efficient measures are taken to prevent that. Egypt doesn't care about its poor people. Even till now in December 2009 not all people who live in a dangerous area were evacuated. The next disaster can happen any moment.

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