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Gotti: From "El Rey" to Fatherhood.

Edwin Torres | New York, United States

Gotti never smoked cigarettes when he was in the streets. He started smoking because it helped him deal with the stress of transitioning from the street to being a father figure.

Edwin Torres’ photography project “Gotti: From El Rey to Fatherhood” tells an American story. City-dwellers, especially those living in the outer neighborhoods of the outer boroughs, can vouch for me on this point. The story is mainly centered around Gotti, an ex-Latin King gang member from a remote neighborhood in the Bronx who quits a life of trouble to take on the responsibility of raising his newborn daughter and his wife’s four children. More than dive into the adversity they face day-to-day as a family living at poverty level in one of the wealthiest cities in the States, Torres focuses his lens on the human moments and the familial bonds between sisters, fathers, brothers and spouses. Torres delicately enters one family’s struggle to live a good life after years of violence in a neighborhood where being a part of a gang can be as inevitable as being a part of the family. The work showcases Torres’ great skill as an up-and-coming and enthusiastic documentary photographer working with what he knows best: Home.

 Edwin J. Torres

Cell: 347-515-4035


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