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Eric Cortés | Israel

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Bil’in (Arabic: بلعين‎) is a Palestinian village located west of the city of Ramallah in the central West Bank. The village has a population of 1,800, mostly Muslims. For Israeli and international peace activists, Bil’in has become a symbol of the struggle against the “occupation” and the separation barrier. Hamde’s images aims to represent the nonviolent resistance and the Palestinian life inside the West Bank.

The captions in this exhibit are the thoughts and testimony of Hamde Abu Rahma, a photojournalist from Bil’in in the West Bank.

Looking for humanity in a conflict is not an easy task. And when you do find it its very complicated to write about it. There are so many angles you should be aware of and the risk of misjudging or taking someones opinions for granted is too high. Everyone has there own truth.
In a way it becomes silly being just an observer evaluating peoples actions in order to gain some sort of understanding of a situation. You have to submit to the process of accepting that your experiences are limited and the way you perceive reality might be a mistake. Dealing with the possibility there is no solution is hard. To feel powerless and numb reveals itself as the only satisfaction within a series of events taking control over your thoughts and methods.




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