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''Aqui manda el pueblo y el gobierno obedece'

Giles Clarke | Chiapas, Mexico

Organization: Getty Reportage

A Tzotzil Zapatista family in their kitchen hut in La Illusion, Chiapas.

 In January 2014 I was invited thru the flourishing Zapatista  'Esquilita' program to join a Zapatista family in a full immersion experience in the high mountains of Chiapas. I was there on the anniversary of uprising that had occured exactly 20 years earlier when the charismatic Sub-Commadante Marcos had led a rag-tag militia in from the hills to take over the town of San Cristobal Las Casas and claim 'autonomy' from a lax Mexican government  driven by corporate interests and exploitation of this resource-rich area. The people who comprise of the Zapatista movement were, and still are, guided by its founder Emiliano Zapatista who stood 100 years before against rich landowners whom plundered and pillaged communities for self-interest.

During my week in the Zapatista community,  I was honored to live off the grid with my appointed family and witness just a glimpse of this dignified self-governed collective in the autonomous region of Chiapas, Mexico.

Fellow traveller Justin Wedes

'A Poetics of Resistance- The Revolutionary Public Relations of the Zapatista Insurgency' by Jeff Conant published by AK press.)

The Zapatista people and all the Indigenous oppressed everywhere

My aim was to capture a small slice of the Zapatista way of life. I carried Sony NEX-7 bodies and 24/50mm lenses. Kept it small, low-key and simple. 


All photos copyright Giles Clarke @Getty Reportage

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