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TBILISOBA: Night or nightmare?

Giorgi Dundua | Georgia


Tbilisi comes out to party for this festival of the autumn harvest and the city’s founding, centred around the Old Town and Rike Park, over a weekend in October. There are mtsvadi (shish kebabs), khinkali (spicy dumplings) and wine stalls everywhere, music and dance events, cheese, fruit and craft festivals and plenty more. But what makes the celebration terrible? This year I have tried to investigate this issue. First of all, the celebration has become a feast.If you come to the city center in this day, you will find that you are far from the city - in a provincial setting. Noise, wine smashing, quarreling, disorder, chaos, screaming of lost children - "mother, mother", diligent people can eat in such terrible places as dust and grass, Soviet music, the toast of the Soviet era - we can easily continue this terrible list... With photos I would like to emphasize the shortcomings of this day and emphasize how culture and values are lost on time.



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