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Glenn Ruga | Massachusetts, United States

Silvia Lopez Chavez, Boston, MA.

This body of work stems from a project I began 25 years ago when I was taking black and white portraits of friends and neighbors with a medium format film camera. What I always felt lacking back then, which lead me to this project, is the conversations that would go on while I was photographing, and the loss I felt knowing that while there was a record of the person’s image, there was no record of the conversation.

I am now completing what I began 25 years ago, using the same film camera, but this time bringing a digital audio recorder to capture the banter that goes on during the 45 minutes that I spend with a subject. I then edit this to a one- to three-minute audio recording that adds additional character information to support the visual image, which must still stand by itself without the recording. For this project particularly, I am interested in the rich tones and textures that are caught on film and can be only be shown in an actual physical print. .

Glenn Ruga

Silvia Lopez Chavez, Boston, MA.
URL for audio: http://vizcom.org/document/Silvia.html

John "Fitzy" Fitzsimmons, Maynard, MA.
URL for audio: http://vizcom.org/document/Fitzy.html

Sydney "Chad" Reagan, Concord, MA.
URL for audio: http://vizcom.org/document/Chad.html

Hal Iverson, Concord, MA.
URL for audio: http://vizcom.org/document/Hal_Iverson.html

Tom Cummings, Maynard, MA.
URL for audio: http://vizcom.org/document/TomCummings.html


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