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Portraits of Skid Row ...thru the eyes of the children

Jamie Johnson | United States

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Four years ago, a request by a foundation in Los Angeles to photograph the homeless families of our city, deepened my passion. More than 15,000 children in Los Angeles are homeless and I soon found myself walking the streets with my camera and capturing the lives of these “forgotten people”.

It was time to give these children a name and tell their stories.


My work can be seen in several galleries thru The United States and Europe. My "Portraits of Skid Row, thru the eyes of the Children"  series has won several awards this year including the Prix De La Photographie Paris 2009, Women in Photography International 2009, and honorable mention in the Berenice Abbott Award 2009 and has been shown at The Fowler Museum in Los Angeles this past May 2009. I hope to continue my journey and share my photographs with the world.

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