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The Rural World of the North of Vietnam

Joaquin Gomez Sastre | Viet Nam

Rice fields in Sa Pa area in northern Vietnam

Vietnam is currently experiencing a rural exodus, although the urban population accounts for only 30 percent of the total. The northern part of the country is one of the countries with the largest number of rice crops, two thirds of the population still lives in the agricultural sector. In places like Sa Pa (a mountainous place located in the highest peak of Vietnam) the development of tourism is changing the way of life of its inhabitants, turning their homes into shops, hotels...

Born in Santander in 1970, after conducting some photographic workshops with .Begin working as a freelance photographer leaning towards doing features with social content and photography news, having collaborated with numerous local and national newspapers (Alerta, El Pais,El Mundo...) as well as with magazines (Epoca, Time, Aplauso, Rollingstone ,FronteraD,...). Also given introductory courses in photography in the Hall of Image and Sound of the University of Cantabria and Space Association-Imagen.Winner a photo contest (Pancho Cossio, Camargo Young, Tervalis, the International Photography Salon de Valencia ...) Honorable mention in MIFA 2016 (Moscow International Foto Awards), Honorable Mention in Tokio International Foto Awards 2016 category Culture .



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