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Young and Yemeni in New York

Liz Sanders | United States

Eisa, Ismail, and Azzam, all Yemeni-American youths, hang out after a wedding in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. While traditionally, Yemenis living in the US would travel back home to Yemen to host large family style weddings, the War and unrest in Yemen has made traveling back home nearly impossible. This means many more weddings are held in New York, with attendees going to upwards of 5 or more weddings a week during the busy season to celebrate the love of their many cousins and friends

Young and Yemeni in NYC 

Documents the lives of Yemeni-Americans living in New York City during a period of immigration and transition.

As thousands of Yemenis flee violence and hardship in Yemen, new ways of life must be formed. The transition can be seen most clearly through the new generation of Yemeni-Americans. What is kept of the past, and what is shed in order to embrace the future? Through still imagery, audio, and video, this project explores the growing pains of being young and feeling different in a new place. 

Liz Sanders is a documentary photographer/videographer based in Brooklyn, New York. She is a graduate of the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Program at the International Center for Photography.

 Her work focuses on the intersection of tradition and modernity and how that affects individual and collective identities, especially within communities experiencing change.  Her background in Anthropology, languages and years spent on organic farms with feet and hands in the soil all inform her eye and her interests as a storyteller.    


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Instagram: @lizmariesanders


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