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Marisol Cid | Mexico

Organization: https://www.instagram.com/photo_cid/


The Wixaritari have been recognized for maintaining one of the Mexican natural cultures more reluctant to foreign influences.

Visitors are not welcome in the heart of their territory especially if they do not have personal contact with community members.

Many of them sell handicrafts in certain parts of the community. The three nuclear communities of the wixaritari of the Sierra Madre, are in the municipality of Mezquitic, Jalisco.

Not all Wixaritari have the gift of healing, those who have it, take care of their knowledge about medicinal plants and are respected by the community.

For me the Wixaritari are the ones who dress in honor to our ancestors.

Of professional architect, vocation photograph.
In my projects I am interested in transmitting the wealth that exists in our cultural diversity.
I do not like people to pose for me, before photography I am interested in the person and interact with it is the fundamental things in my work, although sometimes it is impossible to engage in a long conversation, a look gives me the guidelines to do Click.
I like that my camera goes unnoticed and that makes my photography capture the intimate moments of each person in everyday scenarios.


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