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Mahila Thanna

Melanie DORNIER | Haryana, India

Clothes of police woman. Police staff are woman with their domestic issues.
All women police station, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, July 2016.

The first time I pushed the door of a all women police station, it was in India, Gurgaon in the outskirts of Delhi, I was curious but I could not imagine that this place would appeal and talk to me as much. In India, especially in the north of the country where the patriarchal culture is deeply rooted, the women's safety initiatives are gaining momentum. During the opening ceremony of the police station, a school pupil recites,«I am lucky that I am a girl and I am studying. I am luckier that I am a girl and I am living. I am luckiest that I was not among the girls not allowed to be born»

MahilaThanna drowns us in the bowels of the country. During the first year of functioning, 439 First Report Information has been reported, among that morethanhalf of the cases are relative to dowry harassment and domestic violence. In the land of rape, only 68 cases get filed. Reality or fiction? Women’s condition in India has some hard time.

I tell visual stories because this is a way to express myself and to share my vision with others. This is like engaging in a dialogue. I work on stories that relate to my personal life and that can contribute to positive change. My photography's engagement is a medium to raise my voice and support my activist behaviour.

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