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I am the FIVE.

Miguel Jeronimo | Cambodia

A man holding a photo of Ny Sokha sits on a sofa on an empty plot near a mosque

Lim Mony, Yi Soksan, Nay Vanda, Ny Sokha and Ny Chakrya – these are the five Cambodian human rights activists who are in pre-trial detention for 365 days. Acknowledging this one year mark, I prepared a photo exhibition in Phnom Penh called ‘I AM THE FIVE’ where I took 365 portraits of people willing to send a message of support to them and to the civil society in general. Each photographed individual is someone who felt dearly the impact of the activists’ work in his/her life, for instance people from underpriviliged communities who suffered or are in risk of forced evictions by the government, or people who felt inspired by their courage to stand up for human dignity, such as other activists or workers of NGOs. Each photo is a solidarity gesture to show they are not forgotten, as well a protest shout against this dictatorial government. For the captured moment each person becomes one of the FIVE.

I deeply acknowledge the life and work of the five activists and the organizations that helped me make this project a reality and continue to work for the dignity and rights of some many communities in Cambodia, a risk in this environment where freedom of speech is not respected.

Miguel Lopes Jerónimo




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