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This puja dates back to late 19th century in the village of Keshiyari, District Medinipur (WB, India).  It was on a summer evening when the Zaminder (landlord) of Keshiyari village Mr. Padmolochon Dutta was returning from village inspection in his area and it started raining fiercely. To take cover from the rain he took shelter in an abandoned fort named Kurum villa in the village of Gaganeshwar.  Though it was closed for years when he pushed the door it got opened immediately and inside the wooden idols of Sri Jagannath Deb, Balabhadra and Suvadra were adorning the place, it is the same wooden idols which are gracing the village temple till today.

He had a feeling deep inside  that  god wants puja  and he decided to bring the idol back to Keshiyari,  with the help of the villagers. He constructed the temple , then on this century long puja started taking place which is still going on and taken forward by the new generation of Dutta family. here in this village the god travels on the shoulder of village priests.

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