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India's Justice Dilemma

Natisha Mallick | India

Daily Life going about in a lane in Mushawerat Chowk in Malegaon, Maharastra one of the blast sites of September 2006.

In today’s world, when Muslims at large are becoming the victims of sweeping generalizations, wrongly perceived as a threat to the society and thus framed as terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.

I am documenting the lives of innocent men who were victims of arbitrary arrests. Most of them were young at the times of arrest and have lost their prime years of youth rotting away in inhumanly confines for decade or so only to be finally acquitted by courts for lack of evidence against them.

But that path to justice has taken years of illegal confinement and torture; this has left them dehumanized at the end of trials.
Their problems haven't ended with their releases.
Post acquittals, these men are finding it  extremely difficult to find a way of living. It is a new struggle in the hostile world outside the jails. They are no more hired by companies and are still seen as terrorists in the eyes of the society. Finding acceptance and employment  has become challenging factors to their existence.



The project on false accusation & arrests needs to be worked on as it has great significance in breaking stereotypes about the Muslim community in India who are a minority in the said country and are labelled as Anti-Nationals & Terrorists. 

Belonging from the same minority community in India, I want to document how they are trying to rehabilitate their lives back on track and break the stereotype about the Muslims community; as the mainstream media hasn’t given them the same amount of coverage (apart from a by-line or two by some National Dailies) when they were acquitted by the courts in India compared to when they were arrested & framed as Terrorists in the eyes of the society.

I have identified over 30men located in 15different cities/states (namely. Delhi, Rampur, Kanpur, Rampur, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Gulbarga, Malegaon, Mumbai, Srinagar, Sopore, Kota, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu) all over India who were falsely accused in different terror charges & now acquitted by the courts in India.

Currently I have been able to travel and document in- Delhi, Malegaon (Maharashtra) and Rampur (Uttar Pradesh).


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