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Tatei Hikuri

Oscar Colorado | Wirikuta, Mexico

The Wirraritari musicians perform through the night and very early in the morning.

The Wirraritari people makes a pilgrimage to the sacred land of Wirikuta to perform the "hunt of the blue deer". The Wirraritari communities make offerings on various stops along the road and they collect  cactus (Tatei Hikuri), with chants and ceremonies. They will carry peyote home that will help them with the struggles of the daily life. Although peyote is considered an hallucinogen (and hence a forbidden drug), the Wirraritari people have a government permit to carry it and use it since it belongs to their rituals and community traditions well beyond the recreational use. I had the opportunity to document with my camera the pilgrimage of the Wirraritari Community from Mezquitic (Mexico)

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