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Paul McGuirk | United States

Minnie Mouse Awe

 Disney : A universe of fantasy where we project our own fantasies and expectations that are probably far too big for a carry-on bag. Anyone lucky enough to have the Disney experience is presented with an endless opportunity of stimulation. For most, all the preparation and planning can't help but provoke a great deal of stress. Whatever your neurological threshold for that might be, once you get there a lot of lighthearted playfulness will bear down on your nervous system.

The nonchalance of Disney characters frolicking through the parks with no regard for the elements can only be rivaled by mail carriers and they're not encased in elaborate costumes. All the minions who meet the public embrace you and the brand with equal parts character and script. It's all performed in a way that never alludes to a hint of the parallel universe working behind the curtain.

Although fantasy and expectation don't seem naturally compatible, the beauty of this environment is how well prepared it is to greet one and all in whatever way you come to suspend disbelief.


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