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Oregon Crop Festivals

Phil Decker | Oregon, United States

Hazelnut Festival; Hazelnut in the Parade; Donald, Oregon

Oregon is a state in the U.S.A. known for it's agricultural diversity, and many small towns identity with their local crops.  There is a rich tradition of crop festivals that celebrate this abundance, whether the crops are a current source of income, or a nostalgic memory of life prior to urbanization.  During the summer and autumn you can find a small town crop festival just about every weekend.  In addition to celebrating abundance in terms of "the harvest", these festivals celebrate the abundance of family, community, and friendship.  They are open air stages where folks connect , where people come out of their homes to enjoy classic American events such as parades, eating contests, library book sales, food booths and concerts.

Since 2010 I have been photographing crop festivals in Oregon.  Thus far I have documented about a dozen of them, and will continue until the document represents all major festivals in the state.   


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