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Cradled by the Grave

Ralph Piezas | Cebu City, Philippines

The Carreta Cemetery, owned by the Church, built in 1906 is one of the oldest and biggest grave yard in Cebu City Philippines. It houses not only the dead but also the living. An estimated of over 15,000 corpses are buried here and almost 100 families considered this place as home, with both numbers increasing.

Located at the heart of the City, the Carreta Cemetery is surrounded by buildings, mall and condominiums.

Poverty in the Philippines has been a perennial problem in the country, according to official government statistics for the first semester of 2015 more than 26 million Filipinos remain poor with almost half, or a little more than 12 million, living in extreme poverty and lacking the means to feed themselves. Being pushed to desperate measures others chose to live inside the cemetery and raise their family. Can the people thrive living with the dead, and can the dead rest in peace?

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