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Community In Action-Standing Rock

Robert Studzinski | United States

'Man From Ladakh' Of all the Water Protectors I met, this man from Ladakh may have come the longest distance.

The resistance of the Standing Rock Sioux to the Dakota Access Pipeline drew worldwide attention to the struggles for clean water and indigenous rights in 2016. An oil pipeline on treaty land and under the Missouri River was seen as too dangerous to ignore.

What ensued was the  spontaneous development, en situ, of a vibrant, fluid community of people that went way out of their way to show they care .

Calling themselves "water protectors", they came from indigenous communities throughout the Americas and, non-indigenous ones from all over the world, to support Standing Rock.

This truly international community built four camps on treaty land  with minimal hierarchy or imposed structure. People shared food, ritual and other necesities freely and peaceably.

I was lucky enough to be present last fall. The confrontation, seen in this body of work, occurred my first full day there.

This action-experiment was crushed this past winter- but, the example and experience lives on.



Robert Studzinski

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