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Water prisoners

Saud A Faisal | Bangladesh


Bangladesh is the worst victim of global climate change, hence a huge population face floods every year. People move to nearest highland to take temporary shelters keeping their home behind in the flash flood. Till the water reaches above knee they try to remain in their home with a hope of water go down, they remain in their home like prisoners and they are the Water Prisoners of Bangladesh. These are the people are least responsible for the climate cahnge but are the mostly effected. A community who has no idea of the changes and they only belives the fate beyond any nationalism. 

I am Saud A Faisal and i initiated many photographic activities and organizations in Bangladesh.I consider myself as  “an inspirer ”,  over a “photographer”.

I started to develop his passion for photography in an early student age and completed his Diploma in Black & White Photography from Alliance Française de Dhaka in 1996. During his long active endeavors in photography,  received recognitions from various national and international arenas. I have organized, participated and also served in different capacities in a wide range of exhibitions and workshops.




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