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Iraqi actors in Jordan

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Iraqi Actor in Jordan

I recently worked on a short film in Jordan, based on the Iraq war. We found that many of the Iraqi refugees in Jordan are not allowed mainstream jobs while they hold refugee status, so they have turned to acting.

Our actors ranged from young to old, and each had a story. These came out as we got to know them during the shoot. One teenager just said "I've seen things I can't talk about and you don't want to know," while another charming old man turned out to have been one of Sadam Hussein’s body guards.

Although adversity has left them on the edge of the wider community, they have turned this to their advantage, and there is now a strong community of Iraqi actors in Jordan who have worked on mainstream films like Hurt Locker and Transformers.


I had the luxury of being the Producer on the film, and the set photographer, so I was able to spend time with my camera photographing each member of our cast. This produced a series of very personal portraits. 


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