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A Special Child

Towfiq Chowdhury | Magura , Bangladesh, Bangladesh


Bayezid Shikder is only 4 year 5 month old and has a very rare genetic disorder which makes him looks like an 80 year old. When he  was born in 2012 in a maternity hospital his parents were shocked  and devastated by his appearance, and the doctors told them the outlook wasn't good. His family tried different types of medication, but nothing helped him. His liver and kidney are not working properly. According to medical studies, people suffering from this rare disease usually die at 13 years of heart attacks or strokes. As current statistics indicate there are 75 Progeria children world-wide. Bayezid loves to play with the ball, draw and paint on paper, and even sometimes breaks his toys then tries to fix them. At first people were afraid to get close to him but over time neighbors are slowly getting used to his presence and now they call him Old Child.

Towfiq Chowdhury
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