Fee Policy

In order to create exhibits, add photos, or renew exhibits, you must purchase `frames` for your photos.

Cost Per frame

$ 0.85

 *Please note that, when adding photos to an existing exhibit, the new photos will expire in less than one year, which means that the cost per additional photo is not charged on a per year basis.

You must purchase a minimum of six frames at a time. Frames can be used at any time and only expire if all of your exhibits are discontinued by you for more than one year and your account with SocialDocumentary.net is terminated. Frames can be used for any of your exhibits. Your account page will indicate how many frames your have, and will also display when each exhibit is up for renewal.

Creating a new exhibits
You only pay for your exhibit after your exhibit has been approved and you choose to make it live. You will then be directed to our authorized reseller, 2Checkout, where you will enter credit card information and make payment.

All exhibits come with an optional 90-day free trial
All exhibits have the option for a 90-day free trial. No credit card is required. We will send you reminders to renew your exhibit before the 90 days are up so that you can have the full benefits of a paid exhibit. Exhibits created with a 90-day free trial are limited to 36 images. 

Adding photos to your exhibit
At any time you can add photos to your exhibits. You will need to apply frames for these additional photos. Note that ALL photos in any one exhibit expire when that exhibit is up for renewal. Keep this in mind if you are adding photos close to the time when your exhibit is up for renewal.

Exhibit renewals
Each exhibit is created for a one year period. Prior to the anniversary of your exhibit, you will receive notification by email that your exhibit is up for renewal. To renew your exhibit, you will need to purchase new frames or use existing frames for each photo remaining in your exhibit. You can delete photos prior to renewal if you want to limit the number of images that remain in your exhibit.

Refund Policy
Frames are refundable within one week of purchase if for any reason you are not satisfied with our service. After one week, frames are not refundable. For a refund, please email [email protected] or call 978-453-2139.

Suspending or terminating exhibits
If you do not renew an exhibit, your exhibit will be suspended for up to one year. When an exhibit is suspended, it will still be displayed in your exhibit list and you can edit the exhibit and delete images during this time period. The exhibit, however, will not be live and available for viewing by others unless you pay the required fee for the photos in the exhibit. If, by the end of the year of suspension, you do not renew the exhibit, the exhibit will no longer be available for renewal, and all photographs associated with that exhibit will be deleted permanently from your account. Please note that SDN retains the right to keep deleted images in our database as set forth in our Terms and Conditions of Use and to make the images available for future viewing by the public and for promotional purposes. You always retain the copyright in your images.

Terminating accounts
To terminate your membership completely, send an email to [email protected] stating your intention to discontinue your account, along with your full name, and email address that you use for your account. When your account is terminated, all photos associated with your account will no longer be associated with your exhibits, although SDN retains the right to keep these images in our database as explained in our Terms and Conditions of Use. These photos may be used for future viewing by the public and for promotional purposes. You always retain the copyright in your images.

Keep your email address up to date
In order to receive renewal notices, you must keep you email address up-to-date. You can always login to your account page to update your email address and other account information.