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SDN Highlights of 2013

At the end of each year since 2008, we have presented Highlights of SDN featuring the best work submitted that year. This year we created the Featured Photographer of the Month Award. In this Spotlight, we feature ten photographers whose work submitted in 2013 also deserves recognition. Many of these photographers have already appeared in our monthly Spotlights but not as the featured photographers, and we want to acknowledge them for the quality of their work and commitment to their projects. The ten photographers below are presented in alphabetical order.


Stories East of the River>>
by Chloe Borkett/Republic of Moldova 

Stories East of the River takes an intimate journey into the lives of the new generation growing up in the unrecognized country of Transdniester, the breakaway territory between Moldova and Ukraine in Eastern Europe.

Disabled Farming in Ghana: Defying the Odds>>
by Keith Bratton/Ghana

In Ghana, disabled people often become outcasts in their villages. Some of the factors leading to this fate can include villagers' lack of understanding about disabilities, families shunning their children who have a disability because of the perceived shame that it brings to the family,...

India's Third Gender>>
by Miguel Candela/India

Known to provide good luck in religious ceremonies, the 'hijra' -term known in India to men who are castrated but who do not complete the sex change process- transvestites and transgenders also face the inflexibility of a society that condemns them and suffer police abuse, begging and prostitution ...

Drag Queen>>
by Keiko Hiromi/United States

Jacques Cabaret (est 1931) is the oldest drag queen cabaret bar in Boston, MA.   

Empowering Women>>
by Karen Kasmauski/ Sudan, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria and Sierra Leone

The photographs are taken over the last three years in Sudan, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, documenting programs supported by local and international organizations addressing women's issues and poverty. This work illuminates positive examples of female empowerment in a variety ...

The Common Man and Dying Trades>>
by Ron Nicolaysen/Italy, Lebanon

This exhibit depicts dying trades, once handed down from father to son (parent to child). Trades that are now being swallowed up by large companies producing similar products at a lesser cost to the consumer, but sacrificing quality.

Midwives Save Lives>>
by Paolo Patruno/Ethiopia

Midwives are women, mothers, who devote their life to providing safe motherhood to others women and mothers. Access to skilled care from a trained midwife during pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery is key to saving a mother's life and that of her child. Midwives, who are overwhelmingly ...

One Person Crying: Women and War>>
by Marissa Roth/WorldWide

The topic of women and war has taken photographer Marissa Roth to numerous countries over a span of 29 years. It began in 1984 in the former Yugoslavia, home of her Jewish grandparents, murdered by Hungarian Fascists in 1942, and a 1988 Los Angeles Times photo assignment about the plight of ...

Gotti: From "El Rey" to Fatherhood>>
by Edwin Torres/United States

Edwin Torres' photography project "Gotti: From El Rey to Fatherhood" tells an American story. City-dwellers, especially those living in the outer neighborhoods of the outer boroughs, can vouch for me on this point. The story is mainly centered around Gotti, an ex-Latin King gang ...