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SDN Features Six Exhibits from Rwanda

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the Rwandan genocide. Yesterday in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, global leaders, local citizens, and both survivors and perpetrators gathered to commemorate this dark spot (among many) in the 20th century. Rwanda is thriving today. It is leading Africa in access to healthcare, education, and economic development. But it is also a stark reminder about how the world failed to stop this horrific episode in April 1994. During World War II, some could claim they didn't know. In 1994, the events from Rwanda were broadcast on television, and cables were sent from Kigali directly to the UN about the unfolding genocide. As Africa continues to be a challenging continent for many indicators of human development, Rwanda has become a beacon of hope by showing the world how victims and perpetrators can reconcile and unite to build a prosperous future. It is a lesson that the rest of the world sorely needs to learn.

We are pleased to present these six exhibits on SDN from Rwanda. The first, by Carol Allen Storey, was recently shown at powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY as part of an exhibition of the winners of SDN's Call for Entries on Global Awareness.

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Photo: Michael Loyd Young from Women of Rwanda