A Haitian field worker helps the community volunteers to clear out weeds around young pine trees planted by ADESJO near Derrumbado, San José de Ocoa, to reforest the area. Haitians make up over 80% of field workers in D. R. July 10, 2014.

Art Zaratsyan

[email protected] 1-604-250-8677 Canada

Topics of Focus

Humanitarian, social development and world photography



Art Zaratsyan is a Vancouver-based international assignment photographer specializing in humanitarian, social-documentary and world photography. He has a great love for travel, an innate interest in languages and the cultures behind them, combined with such a strong desire for adventure that even a well-paid job could not hold him confined to a cubicle: leaving behind a successful career in software engineering in the spring of 2014, Art has dedicated his life to helping others in the world through his first passion—photography!


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