Hanoi 2015: Ta Tong Gian has been a soldier when he was young, but when he returned from the war, he started drinking and failed to find a job. After a stroke he is now half paralysed and does not leave his bedroom at all. Sometimes he is taken out by his son in law but those highlights are rare.

Astrid Schulz

info@astridschulz.com +447947155611 United Kingdom

Geographic Areas of Focus

South-East Asia, West Africa, United Kingdom


Astrid Schulz has been a professional photographer for 13 years, specialising in portraiture and documentary imagery.

Born in Germany, she now lives in Central-London. However, she frequently travels abroad for her assignments and personal projects. In recent years she spent 7 month in Viet Nam plus one month in Senegal and also exhibited her work internationally during several artist residencies.

Influenced by her background as a designer for Film & TV as well as her passion for storytelling, her pictures open up an informative window into people's lives. Astrid has been a contributor to 5 book publications; one of them won an award in 2015. She is currently working on the project "100 Faces of Viet Nam", which is going to be her first 'solo' book.