Fatin, 36, was abducted in Tahrir Square, September 2011, as she was selling tea. Fatin was charged with being homeless, she was taken to Asrel Nil police station where she was detained for 14 days. At the time she was detained, Fatin was 6 months pregnant. Mar. 8, 2012

Brian Driscoll

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 Brian is a documentary photographer, a native New Yorker, currently based in New York City. His humanistic interest in photography began after exploring Central America. Soon after he enrolled in film classes at The School of Visual Arts. For the next few years, he had the privilege of working on various projects in the independent film industry. He again found himself wanting to explore on a higher level in the field of still photography, focusing on personal projects and assignments.

Brian is a 2010 graduate of the documentary and photojournalism program at The International Center of Photography, where he was a recipient of the Director's fellowship. His work has been exhibited at festivals and galleries nationally and internationally including powerHouse arena in Brooklyn and the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow.