She says she would join again if action was needed to defend her country. (Sarajevo, Bosnia. July 17, 2013.)

alain canaque


alain Canaque is a French photographer who started his photography career at an early age in Paris, working in advertising and fashion studios.Having bought "The Americains”, by Robert Frank, produced an electroshock in his head, and he then realized that he want to document the life of people, how do they feel, how do they live. In 1986, he bought his first Leica body, and six months later, the lens. Then he began to photograph the diverse situations experimented during his ( nite ) life, portraying musicians, actors and lonely girls, among others.

Diverse situations took him away from the photography sometimes, however his commitment to the medium remained intact, and he is always ready to live new experiences.

Often in journey or in movement, he loves now working on long term projects.