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Vlad Karavaev
Russian Federation


 My name is Vlad. I’m a freelance photographer, traveler and blogger, currently based in Russia (Moscow/Voronezh), but  I often  travel throughout Russia, post-soviet countries and worldwide – mainly in developing countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

As a photographer, I prefer to work in reportage, event- and travel photography, but now I get more involved in work on my own documentary photographic projects to illuminate some social, demographic and humanitarian issues.

I'm interested in how globalization is changing traditional societies by integrating them into today’s economy and how  they are destroyed by following disasters of globalization  - economical, cultural, ecological  and others.  There is still so much  wars, poverty and  famine… They don’t  disappear, but what is more, they’ve  become more cruel and ruthless. Namely in Africa this problem is the most obvious.

Now, my current focus is on documentary stories to show the negative sides of rapidly increasing integration for a different societies and draw attention of some government or non-profit organizations, that are able to solve these problems.