SDN Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Redesign

30 Days to Secure SDN's Future.

Support SDN's Kickstarter campaign to redesign the website from the ground up.

We have 30 days--until August 9--to raise $15,000. This redesign will improve your experience on SDN as a photographer or viewer of the photography. Click here to view Kickstarter campaign.


View this video to hear Ed Kashi, Reza, Lori Grinker, Kristen Bernard, and Glenn Ruga talk about the redesign, the future of SDN, and why the redesign of SDN is so important.

Since 2008, more than 1700 exhibits from all corners of the globe have been submitted to SDN. We have held five call for entries, ten exhibitions, four panel discussions and other educational events and programs. In six years we have created an international forum for documentary photographers from all corners of the globe to showcase work and for the general public to view this work.

We are grateful to the thousands of photographers who have created exhibits on SDN and to the thousands of people who view the site monthly. You have shown that there is a strong demand for SDN. But currently fees from members posting work is not sufficient to sustain this effort and in order to ensure that the site is current in design and technology, we need your support.

We are now ready to launch SDN into the future with many new features and initiatives, including making SDN fully functional on tablet and mobile devices, making home page and gallery images larger, and implementing a new content management system. We are also embarking on a new licensing and print sales program, an assignment matching service, a new print and electronic publication, a conference, and a new membership system. The core of SDN though will remain the website and how it is viewed by our global audience. Redesigning the website is necessary to support all of these changes.

We are asking for your support of this Kickstarter campaign. Click the link below to see the rewards for your contributions, but more important, knowing that your support will help secure the future for SDN and visual storytelling on the internet.

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Thank you!