Aftermath Project
A non-profit foundation offering grants for photographers covering the aftermath of war and conflict.

Alexia Foundation
Dedicated to helping professional and student photographers produce photographs that promote world peace and cultural understanding.

Aperture Foundation
With profound respect for the integrity of the viewer’s experience and the artist’s vision, Aperture presents to the public the finest photographic images that are faithful to the artist’s intent and to the truth of the subject.

Center for Documentary Studies
Duke University
The CDS teaches, engages in, and presents documentary work grounded in collaborative partnerships and extended fieldwork that uses photography, film/video, audio, and narrative writing to capture and convey contemporary memory, life, and culture.

Conscientious is a website by Jörg Colberg dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography. It offers daily profiles of photographers, in-depth interviews, exhibition and book reviews, and general articles about photography and related issues.

En Foco
A non-profit organization that supports contemporary fine art and documentary photographers of diverse cultures, primarily U.S. residents of Latino, African and Asian heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and the Pacific. Through exhibitions, workshops, events and publications, En Foco provides professional recognition, honoraria and assistance to photographers as they grow into different stages of their careers.

A non-profit organization supported through grants, individual donations, and the sale of fine prints. We exist to support documentary.

Our mission is to advance documentary photography and storytelling. We do this through education, dialogue and community. Our vision is to inspire and enable positive change by creating a global photographic community that gives voice to the human condition.

Fovea Exhibitions
Founded to create a space where today’s important humanitarian and social issues can be explored in depth through the medium of photojournalism.

Gage Gallery
The Gage Gallery in Chicago has exhibited nationally and internationally known photographers and artists, and has hosted numerous public lectures, panel discussions and symposia. The gallery is committed to showing contemporary work that addresses the important social issues of our time. The Gage Gallery is affiliated with, and supported by the College of Arts and Sciences at Roosevelt University..

International Center for Photography (ICP)
A world-class museum and school dedicated to exploring the possibilities of the photographic medium through dynamic exhibitions and educational programs.

Momenta Workshops
Momenta Workshops is committed to teaching quality documentary photography within practical, real world learning environments.

Open Society Institute
Documentary Photography Project
Through exhibits, workshops, grantmaking, and public programs, the project explores how photography can shape public perception and effect social change.

Photographic Resource Center at Boston University
An independent non-profit organization that serves as a vital forum for the exploration and interpretation of new work, ideas, and methods in photography and related media.

powerHouse Books
A world-renowned and critically acclaimed publisher best known for a diverse publishing programme—specialized in fine art, documentary, pop culture, fashion, and celebrity books.

Pictures of the Year International (POYi) is the oldest and most prestigious photojournalism program in the world. The mission of POYi is to serve as a professional development program for visual journalists and promote excellence in photojournalism.

The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
Salt is a place where professionals from a variety of disciplines work together to promote and advance the field of documentary studies.

W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund
The W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography was established in 1978 following the death of Gene Smith, the legendary American photo essayist. It is today the most prestigious honor in documentary photography.

Vision Project
Vision Project is an organization dedicated to the development of investigative journalism, documentary photography, multimedia and education that encourage understanding and awareness about a broad range of social issues.

Visual Reportage
Lets learn, live, grow, and make a difference. Have you always wanted to help others with your photographs but just didn't know how to connect with the mechanics of ground arrangements, the right aid organization, and putting it all together so you can make the pictures? Our proven imaging workshops offer hands-on opportunities to develop and polish your skills as a photographer and story-teller.

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