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Photograph by Ed Kashi from Hurricane Sandy.
Parts of the famous Atlantic City boardwalk are completely washed away in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Atlantic City, N.J.

About SDN Special Issue

Photograph by Ed Kashi from Hurricane Sandy.

Welcome to SDN/Special Issue on Climate Change! This is the second in our series bringing greater context to issues explored by photographers whose work appears on SDN. Our first Special Issue on Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health in Africa was published earlier this year in March.

Five years after SDN first launched, we have nearly 700 live exhibits exploring diverse themes around the globe. Special Issue is an opportunity for us to delve deeper into the context of these issue by inviting experts in the fields explored by the photographers to bring a greater understanding and awareness to these themes.

Today on our planet, there are many issues demanding our attention in all facets of human existence, but each year climate change raises a notch in this ladder as we see the devastating effects from hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, droughts, floods, and other climate-related events that effects millions of people on all corners of the world. Documentary photographers, as seen on SDN, are doing their part to bring awareness of these issues to the public.

In this issue, we have invited two internationally renowned scientists, Bill McKibben and Melanie Fitzpatrick, to discuss the science of climate change and what this means for our future. The four photographers featured here — Ed Kashi, Jon Lewis, Yusuke Susuki, and Ismail Ferdous — each do with documentary photography what the medium does best, explore how it effects individuals, communities, and the landscape of today.

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Special Issue/Climate Change credits:
Executive Editor: Glenn Ruga
Special Issue Editor: Caterina Clerici
Web developer: Sarah Rowlands
Proofreaders: Matthew Lomanno, Barbara Ayotte