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SDN Reviews

SDN Porfolio Reviews Advisory Committe

Barbara Ayotte
Concord, MA
Director of Editorial Resources

Lori Grinker
New York, NY
Independent Photographer and Educator

Ed Kashi
Montclair, NJ
Photographer, Filmmaker, Educator
Member of VII photo agency

Eric Luden
Cambridge, MA
Digital Silver Imaging

Jeffrey D. Smith
New York, NY
Director, Contact Press Images

Molly Roberts
Washington, DC
Independent Visual Storyteller
and Producer

Jamey Stillings
Santa Fe, NM
Photographer and Educator

Steve Walker
New York, NY
Consultant and Educator

Frank Ward
Williamsburg, MA
Photographer and Educator

Amy Yenkin
New York, NY
Independent Producer
We, Women Co-Founder

Reviews Staff

Glenn Ruga

Marissa Fiorucci