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Female In Palestine

Skip Schiel | Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Syria

Women and girls attempting to live normal, free lives in the occupied territories of Palestine.


With the support of many in his local and national Quaker community, since 2003 Skip Schiel has been traveling to Israel and Palestine to investigate and portray conditions and struggles. He has worked with a variety of organizations, both Israeli and Palestinian and joint organizations, volunteering to make photographs for them that he also can circulate as slide shows and print exhibitions. His hope is to open eyes and doors and windows, encouraging awareness and action.


How to live as ordinary human beings?

"All we want is to be ordinary." (Mahmoud Darwish)

"The person who is oppressed is the woman, but the real slave is the man, caught up in defending his enslavement. Women should help him become free." (Adonis, AKA Ali Ahmad Said Esber)

American Friends Service Committee, Gaza Community Mental Health Program

skipschiel@gmail.com, 617-441-7756

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