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Abdellah Elbakri | Souss Massa, Morocco

Organization: African Photojournalism Database

he has been coming to Almoggar for 40 years. So many friends with whom I used to come are dead now, so I feel I am here not just for myself, but also for them. I am saving their memory by remembering them and the good times we used to have here, and praying for their souls to rest in peace

Deep in Morocco’s Anti Atlas mountains, the Amazigh region of Tafraoute is welcoming the end of the Tribes Moussem’s season. For a nine-week period, the few villagers who have not migrated to bigger towns wake up every week Thursday's to travel to some tribe's Moussem in the region. The travelers find it as an excuse to go visit their friends and also find out the news of the tribe and the merchandise. The sellers come from all around and bring their goods to sell, it is both a source of income to the commercants and a source to buy the goods that will tide the people of the region through the harsh conditions of the winter months in the mountains. The Aguercife Moussem is one of the few commercial seasons in the region. Its time coincides with the beginning of the agricultural season.


E-mail: abdel.elbakri@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abdellahelbakri/

Website: https://abdellahelbakri.picfair.com/

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