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Crucible Steelworkers

Adam Nadel | New York, United States

Thomas Burlie, 35, Crucible Materials Corporation

Crucible Materials Corporation, a specialty metals fabrication plant in Geddes, NY, was a 2009 casualty of the global recession. When the ailing automotive industry withdrew its business, Crucible Materials found itself unable to repay its debts. In May 2006 the company declared bankruptcy. It was bought in November 2009 at bankruptcy auction and reestablished as Crucible Industries.

These portraits of Crucible’s steelworkers were made in early 2009 even as the plant was enacting temporary closures and layoffs. The pictures were first displayed at the New York Photo Festival in May 2009 as the company entered bankruptcy.

The men in these pictures represent the frontline of the global recession. Their livelihoods and that of their community are at stake and subject to decisions and circumstances beyond their control, even as they offer to make sacrifices and take paycuts to keep their jobs intact, and as their pensions are at risk. These portraits put a face to workers, the most important yet most vulnerable individuals in the global economy.

This project was produced in cooperation with Foto8, and with the assistance of Albert Marshall, President of Local 1277 of the United Steel Workers Union.


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