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King of my garden, the people of community garden Groen Gennep

Anja Ligtenberg | Netherlands

Toeti and Achmed Soerapaiman, Surinam/Indonesia

We are from Surinam but have Indonesian roots. This can be seen in the vegetables we grow, most of which are very difficult to get hold of here. We share a large proportion of what we grow with the elderly people in our mosque. They really appreciate this as they also miss the vegetables from back home.
We both really love to work here together and are here almost every day.

When you look down from the window of a plane, you see that the landscape in the Netherlands is divided into numerous plots, where every square meter is developed.

If you zoom in, back down to earth, you find yourself in community gardens. The land is cultivated right down to the last inch. This is landscaping on a postage stamp.

Groen Gennep is a complex of vegetable gardens in the south of the Netherlands. There are 200 gardeners and they are all different from each other; in nationality (22), age, social class, reasons for having a garden, growing strategies, vegetables etc. Despite their differences, these gardeners all have one thing in common; they love their garden and they work with passion and dedication.

On their own plot, people can deal with things exactly the way they want to, in contrast to many things in the reality of daily life. The gardeners come up with creative solutions for all kinds of challenges. At Groen Gennep everybody creates their own work of art, and everybody is king of his garden.

These photos are part of a book, that you can order through emailing the photographer.






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