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American-Muslims: Millennial Women

Anna Mia Davidson | United States

Mennah, 19 years old, born in Washington State, USA
Political Science and Middle East Studies Student
Middle Eastern Student Commission Director
Passion: Kickboxing

"People are always surprised that I kick box. Part of that is because my hijab is the only thing that defines who I am to people, and even though it's a conscious choice and I make it to present myself as visually Muslim, I think it's good to remember that everyone has layers to them and they aren't always what you'd expect. I'd like to be seen as all of it; a political scientist, a representative of my community, a muslim, a female, politically active, I like to kick box, and I perform poetry, and I like to do all these things people wouldn't expect." -Mennah

As xenophobia is on the rise worldwide, Muslim people in the United States are being persecuted at an alarming rate. During this pivotal time in history when the government of the United States of America has instituted a Muslim ban and there is an increase in violence towards Muslim people in America, it has become an urgent social justice and human rights issue. It is imperative to flip the dialogue and negative media portrayal of the Muslim community and begin to highlight the inspiring and positive people within the American Muslim community to help raise awareness and foster peaceful coexistence. This project focuses on young American Muslim women of the millennial generation. Each young woman photographed also has shared through video interview her thoughts on how she would like to be seen in America and about her passion. Each woman was photographed in context of something she is passionate about whether it be kickboxing, organic farming, Violin etc…By focusing on the positive we can begin to change the narrative. 

Photography is a powerful tool for social change as it allows truth to be digested by the masses in quiet moments. A photograph bears witness and can tell an important story. Pictures have the ability to inspire and motivate people into action and to change the discourse of the mainstream. It is a beautiful and powerful medium. 

I am a professional Photographer based in The United States focusing primarily on long term projects that have to do with social and environmental justice issues. I engage with public arts in hopes to build awareness around important issues of our times. I have two published books, Human Nature: Sustainable Farming in the Pacific Northwest (Minor Matters Books) about Sustainability 


and Cuba Black And White (Steidl) a personal body of work documenting Cuba between 1999-2008


Each long term photographic project I embark upon is a personal journey into the lives of the subjects I choose, it is also my chosen medium for social change. From post war El Salvador (1990’s), rural Cuba (1999-2010), the Carpathian Mountain villages of Ukraine (2003), to the sustainable farming movement in my own “backyard” of the Pacific Northwest (2008-2012) and American-Muslims: Millennial Women (2017-Present). I am drawn to tell the visual stories of communities on the brink of change, lives that can inspire others, and to the challenge of finding workable solutions to global issues.  






Facebook: Anna Mia Davidson

Instagram: annamiadavidson

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