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Right for living

Arthur Bondar | Ukraine

The Gypsy's village.

This is a small village of Ukrainian gypsies near Kiev. It was built in 2005 after the massive flood in the western Ukraine. They lost everything: houses, gardens, clothes, documents. The government gave them $50 for compensation. This is not enough even for food. Nowadays there are 40-50 people here. Every day somebody comes and somebody leaves. Those who are going to live here for a long time built Hybary (handmade houses). The pieces of carpet, linoleum, and wood are perfect to keep the warm. Gypsies heat inside the house with Burzhuika (small oven) or a small handmade fireplace. They earn money in different ways: cadge near the church, tell fortunes by cards or hands, or simply steal. Children run all over the village. They are all from age two to twelve, some were born here. None of them have ever been to school. There are no medicaments and nobody wants to speak with gypsies in the hospital.

I am a photographer from Ukraine. I live and work in Kiev. Also, I work in the news photoagency. I am 26 years old. My favourite photography genres are photojournalism, documentary, social and street photography.

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